19 May 2020 - CSM TUBE, leading stainless steel pipe manufacturer

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CSM holds a leading position among the world’s stainless tube manufacturers for almost 40 years. Since 1983, we have set new standards in the tube manufacturing sector, helping to grow the tubing industry worldwide, while supporting key actors in the global and local economy.
We continuously innovate to improve not only our products and services, but how to best implement them to help our customers succeed. We are becoming ever more reliable and building confidence in our services in accordance with the principles of the innovative concepts.
Talented people, digital infrastructure, smart software are therefore the recipe of a company capable of reacting rapidly to any situation in this globalised world. Through the use of cutting-edge platforms, we continuous improve and control the production flows. This has enabled us to remain a leading player, year after year.
CSM Tube creates products to precise specifications, meeting the strictest requirements of clients regarding quality of materials, composition, and mechanical qualities.
Thanks to our diversified portfolio and high-quality standards, we deliver the right properties for different applications, along with specific diameters or wall thicknesses.
Our products are commonly used in the automotive, food and beverage, energy and tube manipulation. And we remain one of the leading tube manufacturers for
heat exchangers and heating elements. CSM Group technologies are available worldwide. CSM is an industrial group with more than 150 employees and a
consolidated turnover that exceeded 85 million dollars. CSM TUBE, leader in stainless steel pipes with small diameter and thickness, has offices in Italy, Brazil and North America and CSM Machinery and OAKLEY, companies of the group, are leading manufacturers in automation machinery in the European and American market. With production plants in Italy, Brazil and USA and sales offices around the world we achieve a strong presence in every markets.

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