Setting new standards in stainless steel pipe manufacturing process

With 35 years of experience, CSM TUBE guarantees a high-quality stainless-steel tube fabrication, using top-quality steel alloys and cutting-edge technologies. During these years, our stainless-steel tube fabrication process has been brought to perfection, introducing high-quality products for a great variety of international industrial companies.

Particular attention to stainless-steel tube fabrication process ensured great expertise in the production of 60 different diameters ranging from 4 mm to 28 mm with wall thickness from 0.3 mm to 1.5 mm. Technologies used during manufacturing processes provide unmatched quality of heat-treated stainless-steel tubes in coil or straight formats with length up to 20 metres. During our stainless-steel tube fabrication process, we use different types of alloys including austenitic, AISI 300 series and refractory high nickel content alloy.

The excellent stainless-steel tube fabrication encourages CSM TUBE to improve its production applying new technologies and extending its product portfolio. We are looking forward to setting new standards in stainless-steel tube fabrication taking modern industry to the next level.

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