CSM GROUP, all-round innovation of the Veneto: pathway to success in the world 4.0

INOSSIDABILE magazine speaks about CSM GROUP: "All around innovation of the Veneto pathway to success in the world 4.0"

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In an increasingly faster and unpredictable world, we have been hearing for some time now the refrain, “only animals that are able to adapt faster to change will survive natural selection.” At CSM Group, a Veneto-based leader in the construction of production machines and stainless steel pipes, it has been clear for some time now that “adapting” to change is no longer enough – change must be forestalled and taken in your stride, turning great challenges into equally great opportunities.
Elisabetta and Marco Trolese, the children of Giorgio, the founder, are now at the helm of the international “CSM Group”, combining CSM Machinery, manufacturer of automation machines, and CSM Tube which, with over 50 million metres exported all over the world, is one of the most important manufacturers of stainless steel pipes. The second generation are driving change in an effort to retain market leadership in Europe and expand the group’s position in the star-spangled states, as well as in South America, where manufacturing facilities were set up more than five years ago.
Believing in people, supporting their ideas, fostering their creativity, have always been the mantra at CSM, which is also the reason why over the years, the company has become a landmark in the region, capable of attracting talents from all industries. Investing in remote working, becoming leaner and investing in the digital transformation, fostering the cross-breeding of ideas, has been especially easy, since the group consists of several concerns, where the value of synergy is tantamount. What is more, over the last two years, managers from important technology multinationals have joined the group, making it possible to further increasing the level of professionalism of their staff and dealing with the global markets from a more advantageous position.
During the growth process of CSM Tube, the fact that a company with a calling for engineering and metallurgy was able to count on a reliable partner such as CSM Machinery (which over the years also absorbed AZ Elettronica) to test cutting-edge electronic solutions made it possible to be often the first to offer products with advanced automation and thus to be able to guarantee extremely high quality levels and at the same time to be extremely competitive on cost.
The fact that the two company facilities were not close, although in the same municipality, and the opening of facilities in Brazil and in the USA, called for investing in and embracing the Industry 4.0 concepts as well as digitalisation of its infrastructure and its workforce a long time ago already, to the point that for more than three years now, “CSM Machinery” employees include a team devoted to digital transformation.
Thanks to the “CSM Monitoring” solution, we are able to constantly monitor operation of the more than 24 pipe production lines active 24/7, either from the Codogné headquarters or from home, with a common Tablet, to check their performance, foresee any problems and schedule any maintenance. All production lines are fitted not only with sensors in all data collection points, but also with cameras placed in the critical points of the process, in order to perform diagnostics and remote servicing from anywhere in the world.
Talented people, digital infrastructure, smart software and connected machines are therefore the recipe of a SMART company not only when it comes to work methods, which right now is becoming more than a virtue but a must for many, but also in its ability to react rapidly to any situation in this globalised world that we live in.
Therefore, being able to guarantee service continuity worldwide and under all circumstances, has made both customers and suppliers aware that they are dealing with a mature company, ready to face global and “complex” markets where only the most “efficient” among us are able to compete.
According to the vision of the company’s top management, 2021 will be an extremely important year for CSM Group because it will mark stepping up the release of new products, both by CSM Tube, with a new range of pipes, and by CSM Machinery, which will release new production intelligence software as well as new “smart” production lines, stemming from a well-established cooperation with the University of Padua.
The digital transformation therefore consolidates, with a view to Industry 4.0, already looking at what the new paradigm of change will be in the coming years.



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