23 Jul 2021 - Why Linkedin? The ingredients of CSM GROUP

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Do you know that 727 million people, equal to 13% of the world's population over 13, can be reached through LinkedIn ads? (We Are Social, 2021).
There are 6 main ingredients that CSM GROUP uses to take the opportunities offered by Linkedin and at the same time to be alongside customers. But what are they?

1) Increase brand awareness

Creating the corporate image and showing your brand in a recognizable and unique way offers the chance to highlight your strengths, to enhance skills and abilities.
CSM GROUP acts consistently, planning and analysing the progress of #brandawareness activities to transmit its values and put the customer and their success first.

2) Networking

Knowing how to search, choose and connect with people relevant to your business while maintaining constant interaction is the first step in creating valuable relationships.
We work every day to strengthen our #network and to give our followers the opportunity to interact with the best specialists in the sector.

3) Create quality teams

The platform gives people the possibility to apply for a job and companies to carry out advanced research, publish job offers and contact talents directly.
CSM GROUP is a growing company looking for talents who can be part of the #team of professionals.

4) Strengthen the communication strategy

Posting photos, videos or articles is simple, but writing interesting content for your network is challenging, so be patient and take your time!
We have created an editorial calendar with different types of content answering the most frequently asked questions of our customers and implementing #communication with them.

5) Stay up to date on industry news

Linkedin is a research and study tool. The feed helps you keeping up with technological evolution and read interesting business news.
CSM GROUP is always up-to-date and offers its users the best #news of the sector.

6) Optimize visibility in search engines

Opening a company page, sharing quality content, taking care of the technical and visual aspect will help you to be easily found by those looking for your company or your products.
We work to enhance the #SEO. Not only by posting content but also by looking for authenticity and accuracy in the creation, anticipating the choices of our followers.

Do you also think that these are the ingredients for a perfect recipe?

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