5 May 2021 - CSM Group and University of Padua partners in developing new tecnological solutions

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The scientific cooperation between CSM Group and the University of Padua continues.

In recent years, the Department of Industrial Engineering has established numerous collaborations with Italian and international companies, to promote technological development through cooperation between scientific bodies and companies.

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CSM Group, as a leading company in manufacturing machinery for forming and welding stainless steel tube and in the production of stainless-steel tube, is committed to promoting new technological and development solutions. Precisely in this area the opportunity to collaborate with the University of Padua arises to provide the best knowledge in the field of industrial engineering and to boast state-of-the-art equipment.

The consolidation of this partnership offers CSM Group opportunities for expansion and growth. This is achieved through knowledges and technologies shared among the researchers of University of Padua.

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