Quality Environmental and Safety Policy

The Quality, Environment and Safety policy is documented, implemented, maintained annually and communicated to all persons working for or on behalf of the organisation and is available to anyone requesting it. It is a reference document for the company and its review is the tool for setting annual goals and targets; their achievement is measured over time.
The company constantly promotes the consultation and participation of workers and their representatives with regard to:
- Updating employees on the progress of company indicators and involvement in goals;
- Knowledge and prevention of safety risks and accident analysis;
- Constant improvement of quality, safety and environmental issues.
The integrated policy is spread through posting on the company notice board and other external communication channels (website, communication to customers, etc.).
The Safety policy is aimed at complying with legal requirements, eliminating hazards and reducing risks.
In 2021, the groundwork will continue on the evolution of the culture of safety and prevention of Covid-19 risk, of all production and non-production personnel, through a constant plan to monitor behaviour aimed at raising awareness with regard to the growth of the culture of prevention in mutual solidarity. In this regard, a significant contribution also comes from the application of the organisation and management model and the corresponding code of ethics in accordance with the Legislative Decree. 231.
The Environment Policy is aimed at maintaining the already high standards of reducing environmental impacts, complying with legal requirements and protecting the environment by preventing pollution.
The Quality Policy is aimed at customer and stakeholder satisfaction through compliance with requirements, constant improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality System and increasing the efficiency of processes with the aim of enhancing the level of the product and finding ways to improve service and reduce costs, while abiding by safety and environmental policies.
CSM TUBE's priorities for the year 2021 are:
- the satisfaction of stakeholders and the improvement of communication with them (shareholders, public, employees, market, neighbourhood), the optimisation of processes through the reduction of environmental impacts by increasing safety standards and the reduction of waste, always in compliance with applicable law;
- enhanced coordination with CSM Machinery for automation and computerisation projects;
- collaboration with the University of Padua to develop systems for new segments and markets;
- reduction of production costs while maintaining a high standard of product quality for the customer with the introduction of laser welding and the consolidation of bi-cathode welding;
- process control, thanks to the implementation of the monitoring system and the extension of joint tracking devices.
- development of the commercial sector, including the foreign subsidiaries (Brazil and USA) and commercial subsidiary in Europe, through the consolidation of current markets, the development of new products, the search for new customers in the identified areas and the increase of margins on sales within the budget.

After achieving compliance with ISO 45001, CSM aims at integrating the 3 systems by 2021.

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