Our History

The CSM TUBE story started in 1983, when Giorgio Trolese set up a single stainless steel production line for electro-welded stainless steel tubes. Initially, CSM focused on small diameters and wall thicknesses, and only had a yearly capacity of 2.5 million metres. Today, that stainless steel tube production capacity has grown to 45 million metres per year and we have grown from three tube diameters to as many as 50 different options.

As the years have gone by, we have also added new components to our stainless steel tube manufacturing operations. Since 2000, we have offered bright heat-treated tubes in coiled or straight formats. We have also introduced higher-quality stainless steel tubing, AISI 300/400 and high nickel content tubes, allowing us to offer bespoke tubing solutions to specific clients.

CSM's production of steel pipe is no longer limited to Italy, either. We have expanded our reach, opening facilities in Brazil and the USA, enabling us to serve a huge community of industrial partners in the Americas, Europe and beyond.

Global Presence

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